Before and After Party cleanup for homes or businesses

Winter holidays are a time for celebration. People will be gathering at home or the office or restaurant and all these venues will need before and after cleaning guaranteed.

Below are some cleaning ideas for your home or office before and after.

Cleaning the Office before the Party

Packing away and tidying

Organizing supplies for the party

Preparing the space for the guests

Firstly you need to clear the space that you want for the party. By clearing the space you must organize and pack away certain office items that may be in the way or not wanted to be visible to the party. You should also do a quick little sweep and dust here and there, not a deep clean.

Now that it is clear and clean and tidy, you can arrange the seating and provide tables for food and drinks and the like. Designate each area for each activity and your guests comfort.

Lastly, lay out all your party supplies such as paper plates, and cups and utensils, or use proper crockery and cutlery if the occasion calls for it. Always have trash cans available so your guests know where to throw things thus hopefully making the cleanup a little easier.

After the Office Party

After the office party, you begin by throwing all the trash into bags and taking those bags outside. Make sure you wipe down all surfaces where guests were interacting and drinking and eating. Check the floors and give them a sweep and mop to ensure good health practices.
Move the seating and tables back to their origin and rearrange the space to its former setup. Return the office items to their positions. The general office cleaning cleaners will do the rest but it is wise to let them know in advance and perhaps reward them, after all, where is the holiday spirit?

Cleaning your Home for the Party

Thinking of cleaning your home for a party can be one of the most stressful things but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you don’t have regular cleaning practices at your home, this is the perfect time to hire a professional maid service to take care of it. You should prioritize and focus on the areas that your guest will be using only so it is not that overwhelming.

List the priorities and start with that only and don’t worry about the rest. This is a good time to get family or friends involved to assist you or you can hire house cleaning services from Kamila Cleaning Services.

Get to work on cleaning and tidying the areas that your guests will use like the bathroom, dining or entertainment room. It is normal to shut doors that you want to either store items in or do not want guests entering.

Rearrange the space and furniture according to the style of your party and how you want to accommodate your guests. Set up the areas so that guests have everything they need and do not need to ask such as trash cans, plating, etc.

Give your guests a clean and healthy space to enjoy your company and they will appreciate you for it. The spirit and joy of the holidays should be enjoyed with your family and friends in the comfort of your clean and safe home.

After Party Cleanup

After the party is done comes the worst task of cleaning up. You will probably sweep and mop all floors and vacuum where necessary. Ask family or close friends for assistance because there is usually a lot to do such as take out the trash, wipe and clean all surfaces and areas that were utilized and even the bathroom will need cleaning after the party.

Move the furniture and objects back to their original positions and get your home back into shape. Then it’s time for you to sit back, put your feet up and congratulate yourself on another successful party.

Cleaning Services

Allow Kamila Cleaning Services to arrange a cleaning service and schedule that suits your needs and time. You should be living and socializing and enjoying relationships instead of worrying about cleaning. With many years of experience and our honest service, customers rely on house cleaning services from Kamila Cleaning Services. So, whether you want cleaning services at your home or office, contact Kamila Cleaning Services for their superior and evolving cleaning techniques.