What are the eco-friendly cleaning products?

How Green is your Clean?

Cleaning products take a toll on our environment. In order to kill viruses and harmful bacteria, people have become accustomed to using products which are also dangerous and toxic to the environment. We must take care to avoid getting them on our skin, or in food. Many toxic cleaners release fumes which harm air quality and contain substances which pollute waters and hurt fish and other wildlife. There are now plenty of safe  and effective cleaning products on the market. No one has to use toxic chemicals in their home or office in order to get things clean and sanitary. We can avoid all these dangers and feel better about our clean by using green products. If you have your cleaning done by a service, you can ask them what cleaners they use and most will have green cleaning options by request.

Clean and Safe Doesn’t Mean Sterile

When you shop, look for green products, check the ingredients, do some research. You can also make your own cleaning products out of basics like baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, castile soap and vodka which are all green and effective. You can further enhance the effectiveness of these products by adding small amounts of essential oils. Tea tree oil and lavender essential oils are both highly effective at destroying harmful bacteria and viruses while remaining safe, gentle, even beneficial, for the body and the earth. Products like the anti-bacterial ingredient triclosan are too aggressive and are causing health issues as  well as contributing to stronger  bacteria. We don’t really need sterile environments unless we are doing surgery. Washing hands with mild castile soap and keeping your home clean in a green way is the best way to stay healthy. We do not need or want to kill all the bacteria; only the harmful ones.

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