How to clean your house in a one day?

blue bedroom

Find your inner house cleaner

There is nothing wrong with hating house cleaning but still loving to live in a tidy place. If that’s your case then the below tips will surely help you get the most out of your clean-up. First and foremost, make sure that the right atmosphere is set. While your favorite band is playing, visualize each activity that has to be done in every place of your house.

The key to effective home cleaning is always a good organization! Taking care of bedrooms and the living room is usually straightforward. Start by clearing all the clutter, dust all the visible surfaces and vacuum the place. Remember to always dust from top to bottom and vacuum the place just before being finished with it. It is also a good time to reconsider keeping some of the accessories you know you won’t be using anymore.

Bathroom and kitchen cleaning in a nutshell

Bathroom cleaning usually seems the most challenging for most people, wrongly. First, get rid of all the clothes or cups, take out the trash and move the side tables to clean under them. Consider using tissues and scrub powder specially designed for bathrooms which are the most effective against hard water stains. The order of fixtures you clean is irrelevant as long as you mop the floors lastly.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, start with washing the dishes, then move onto clearing the counters. Remember to rinse the sponge in hot water. After that, it’s usually best to clean the faces of appliances. At Kamila House Cleaning Services we only use the most trusted brands for that. And lastly, we ask you: please, don’t exclude the windows! Clear windows will pass on more light to the interior and therefore will make living a bit more comfortable. It is best to use squeegees to remove the dirt from glass and then wipe it with cotton material.

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